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Simple, modern and atmospheric. The aquarium system from Dennerle is the easy way to fulfill your dream of having your own aquarium with the least amount of effort. Available in various sets, they are the ideal choice for beginners. After just one hour of setup time, it's time to sit back and immerse yourself in the fascination of the underwater world. With the well thought-out system from Dennerle, you only need half an hour of maintenance per week. The straightforward and clear design makes our aquariums an individual eye-catcher for any room!

Brand new. Inside and out.

New products. New design.


The Dennerle brand will appear in a new design in the future. Discover the new world of Dennerle now.


As usual, you will find all our products on our Website.

The following new products will also be released in the first quarter of 2022:

30l basic
Nano Cube
Nano Tank
nanotank 70l+lampe
Nano Tank
nanotank 70l+lampe
Carbo Soda M200
Trocal Style Two
30l basic
Trocal Style Two
dennerle trocal flat
dennerle trocal flat dennerle
Trocal Flat
Decor Ceramic
Decor Ceramic
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Nano Cubes

With the Dennerle Nano Cubes you will rediscover the aquatic hobby. The cubes will become a visual highlight in every room. With their modern cube shape, they stand out clearly from other aquariums. The side walls and the front consist of one unit with rounded edges, which allows a particularly impressive view of your exotic underwater world.

10 L + 20 L + 30 L + 60 L

dennerle nanocube aquarium

Available in the following sets:

Nano Tanks

The Dennerle Nano Tanks are particularly well suited for aquascaping due to their exceptional depth and wider dimensions. With our Nano Tanks, you can demonstrate your design creativity and create miniature water worlds that allow invertebrates and plants to live together optimally, even in small amounts of water.

35 L +  55 L +  70 L

tank icon

Available in the following sets:

Now also available as white glass!

A glass, developed for special aesthetic demands.

Our White Glass ensures undistorted color perception and crystal clear vision. Available as Nano Cube 30 liters and as Nano Tank in 35, 55 and 70 liters.

weißglas_detail_1 Kopie

» For crystal clear vision!«

Carbo Soda M200

The practical alternative for perfect conditions.

With our pressure reducers and adapters you can convert a standard soda CO2 bottle into a CO2 system for your aquarium. The advantage is the high availability of soda bottles, they can be easily exchanged. A good and constant CO2 supply is important for a healthy growth of aquarium plants and facilitates the maintenance of your aquarium. So you have the possibility to create perfect conditions for plants and aquarium inhabitants.


Trocal Style Two

Let there be light!

Modern and compact design. With the new Trocal Style Two in 6 or 8 watts, your aquarium inhabitants will show themselves in full, natural color splendor. Thanks to a color temperature of 6500 Kelvin (daylight) and 800/1280 lumens, the new Trocal Style Two provide excellent growing light for your aquarium plants. The new cooling fins on the back reduce the temperature of the light, and make the LED even more durable!

energielabel c

The new Trocal Flat

A streak of light on the horizon.


The new Trocal Flat is ideal for your Nano Tank, as it illuminates your aquarium particularly well. All colors in the aquarium are highlighted in a particularly beautiful and vivid way. The elegant design and the vivid light with natural-looking suncurl effect create a particularly great atmosphere. With its 6,500 Kelvin daylight spectrum, it provides excellent growing light for your aquarium plants.


Ceramic Decoration

Simply safe ceramic decoration

With nature as a model, the ceramic caves in natural wood trunk look are a real eye-catcher for any aquarium. The Ceramic Style is also a good complement to any modern design. The fired ceramic is completely safe for fish and invertebrates and has no water altering properties. The porous material provides a large settlement area for important microorganisms and promotes ecological balance. The large surface area provides plenty of space for the natural biofilm, which serves as food for various animals. With a size up to 17.5 cm / 6.9 in, the ceramic decorations are perfect for nano aquariums and are also a nice detail for larger aquariums. The cave provides good retreats, even for larger animals.


Aquariums by recipe

Here you will find tips and tricks on how to set up your aquarium quickly, easily and aesthetically.

Setting up an aquarium seems complex - the variety of plants is limitless and the plants should match in requirement and growth. We make it easy for you! With our Aquariums by Recipe, setting up your aquarium is child's play. With just a few ingredients and a little skill, you'll get stunning results in no time.


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